Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Sudden Steamy Summer Saturday BBQ.

So there I sat one hot summer Saturday, having just put some spur-of-the moment chicken on the pit and some redfish thawing in the sink. I was opening my first beer to the sounds of "the Blues" coming from my outdoor speakers when it suddenly dawned on me, "Oh snap!!! (or some other sailor expletive) I forgot to take pictures!"  So I jumped up and dashed into the house in such a hurry that my unopened beer was left teetering on the table.  I ran back outside with my camera, threw open the pit and snapped a picture, hoping it not too late to be able to catch some photos to include in this blog post.  The result was about what ya would expect after taking a camera from an air conditioned house to the steam-bath that is our back patio these days.
My camera fogged up so bad I could barely make out the chicken.  It was some time till the camera warmed up and was able to not fog back up every time I wiped the lens, and by that time the chicken was half done and my beer was hot, but as yet unopened so I traded it for another from the ice chest and settled down again to commence my relaxing Saturday.
After a couple beers, (they make great timers),  I went back into the kitchen for a smooch and to season the Redfish.

When we filet fish for the grill we leave the skin and scales on the filet and this makes it much easier to grill, because the support of the skin and scales keeps the fish from falling apart. In this case, the seasoned Redfish were placed skin and scales side down on the pit and basted with a spicy butter lemon basting sauce.

Now things were going well; the fish were cooking and the chicken was almost done.
The only problem was, it was too early and I was looking forwards to an afternoon of bbq, beer drinking and da Blues.  So we sauced the chicken with Peggy's home made BBQ sauce, and put it in a dishpan with a little water to keep it moist, parked the fish on top and sat around enjoying the afternoon for an hour.
  Peggy added her bbq'd beans and bread-and-butter pickles and "Wha-Lah-Lah-Dee-Dah!Well worth the wait and none too shabby for a sudden urge to fire up the old pit.

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