Saturday, November 8, 2014

Smoked Hen, Sausage, Aundouille, Gumbo

Those of you who read our blogs may recall the smoked hens I brought home from our buddy Sam's smokehouse.

Those of you who have not come across the tale of me going to friend Sam's outdoor kitchen to help him break is and season his new cypress smokehouse the story is here:
It was an aromatic trip home with all of that 'smokeylicousness' assaulting my nostrils to be sure, and when I hit the door back home, hens in hand, Peggy said, "One of those birds goes in the fridge for gumbo."  The other 2 got stored in the freezer and the next morning Peggy had one boiling away on the stove.  After it cooled she took it out and pulled it off the bone before returning it to the stock it boiled in.

To the well-seasoned smokey stock she added onion, peppers, celery and sausage and homemade andouille sausage, and as usual, our own Cajun spice, some 'woo', and hot sauce.

The andouille sausage pictured above was made and smoked by our good friend Todd.  While the stock simmered, I took out Peggy's special gluten-free flour mix to make a roux.

 This stuff makes a good roux; the only thing is ya hafta use more than ya would a regular flour roux.
Some of you may be thinking I am nuts making a roux with a spoon but this aint no ordinary spoon.

Part spoon part spatula, its a Cajun creation, a roux spoon.  The flat end allows ya to cover the bottom of the pot and prevent burning.  With me stirring and the burner set pretty hot it didn't take long for me to have a nice rusty colored roux.

 We added the roux to the gumbo and let is simmer for an hour or so and it made a really nice gravy.
This was a wonderful pot of gumbo and like most things of this nature even better the next day.

The amazing thing is that there was any left for the next day cause we both had a couple servings of this amazing Cajun soup.

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